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Class Rooms

The comfortable and modern classrooms augmented with presentation boards and audio-visual equipment provides the most conducive environment for debates and presentations. The spacious classrooms ensure an atmosphere for lengthy learning hours.


Our libraries are knowledge resource centers that cover all aspects of your course requirements, research and beyond. The library connects you to the world of knowledge where you are inspired on making dreams come into reality.

Computer Lab

Our modern computer lab consists of the latest machines facilitated with Internet. The lab is regularly updated with the latest hardware and software to suit industry standards. The computers are networked & secure and augmented with peripherals like printers, scanners and other peripherals. The computing facilities are powered by the latest in technology making the learning process revealing. The software enables students to effectively learn diverse technologies, data analysis, programming, databases and web technologies. The intranet is used as a medium of communication for both students & faculties and for easy transfer of data.


The College calendar is interspersed with numerous events whether technical or cultural, at inter departmental level or inter college level. The organization and execution of most of these events is handled by students themselves guided by the faculty in charge. Here is a brief overview of the various events that form a part of the annual lifestyle.

  1. Convocation Day
  2. Alumni Day
  3. Student Technical Symposiums
  4. Sports Day
  5. Completed Events
  6. Media Monitor
  7. Community