GV Tution Center

GV Tution Center



We offer exceptional quality tutoring services for a wide variety of subjects cover all Key stages and follow the national curriculum.

We offer our services to students from age 5-19, school year group 1-13. We offers a wide range academic subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences, English Language and English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Linear, Mathematics mechanics, English Language and English Literature. Each subject will be offered in accordance with the specific examination board and specification.

The teacher has to teach all students at the same pace, usually teaching to the "middle", or the average student. Smarter students are not challenged, and are not allowed to progress as fast or as deep as they can. Struggling students who don't have the foundation don't get the extra help they need to succeed.

Students who are left behind on one concept, will be left behind on every subsequent concept that builds on it The teacher spends 90% of available time delivering lectures, and not in providing the individual attention students need.

Students are forced to practice application at home with no personal remediation or guidance from teachers. A traditional classroom cannot teach to all students in the class. The teacher teaches to the middle of the class - so the stronger students are not challenged, and the weak students are left behind.

GV Tuition Center is an innovative personalized classroom model, which solves the difficulties of a traditional classroom

  1. Each student learns at an individual pace – they master each concept before moving to the next, even if different students’ progress at different rates.
  2. Teachers have the time to spend on personal intervention and higher level conceptual teaching.
  3. So students develop deeper understanding of subjects and score well in their exams.

The GV Tuition Center program brings together four crucial elements
  1. High quality Courseware mapped to syllabus consisting multimedia, texts, practice, and assessment.
  2. An innovative learning methodology that enables each student to learn and master subjects at their own pace.
  3. Learning Software that helps students learn at their own individualized pace.
  4. Teachers who are part of each class, but in a role they have time to provide personal attention to students.




  1. Compare tutors on various parameters
  2. Check tutor ratings by GV Tuition Centre and peers
  3. Check student and parent reviews
  4. Choose tutors who exactly match your needs
  1. Verified and vetted tutors
  2. Stringent proficiency test
  3. 5-level background check
  1. Take online classes anytime
  2. Classes at home or tutor’s place
  3. Complete convenience and save precious time
  1. Tuitions within your budgets
  2. Total customization - type, mode, time & place
  3. Friendly dashboard - complete control
  4. Learn at your own pace with no pressure
  1. All boards, classes and subjects
  2. Take instant classes
  3. Book classes by the hour
  4. All areas beyond school education coming soon
  1. Online assessment - tests, assignments & exams
  2. Online evaluation with e-Report Cards
  3. Regular tutor feedback and advice
  4. Parents can track progress online
  1. Get attractive discounts for bulk sessions
  2. Refer friends and earn extra Q-Points
  3. FREE skill enhancement workshops
  4. Innovative contests/activities with attractive prizes